A downloadable gamemaker script

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Fully commented code for implementing Fake 3D procedurally animated characters into your game.

Watch the accompanying 6 minute video for a run-through of the theory!

System is used in the game NOMAD


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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Procedural Animation F3D Example.gmz 11 kB


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Deleted 54 days ago

It looks like there is an offset to the hip and leg x position that is dependent on direction.

Recommend start checking the code where you are drawing the legs and specifically look at lengthdir_x functions.

Hope this helps

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I didn't change your code in draw_leg. I tried to find offset there, but I couldn't. =(
"//argument 5 is an offset using the horizontal component of the facing direction"
It's not that

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Fixed Thx!

Deleted 54 days ago

how would I change the sprite?

I've been wanting to buy this for such a long time and I finally did. I am absolutely blown away by how smooth this looks and how creative the code is. Bravo!

I've so many questions. Like how would one go about, or is it possible to, alter the type of gait? Like, changing the movementspeed makes the run a sprint, or a dog trot, but how could you make a walk (a gait where both feet touch the ground at one point) or a zombie walk ( one leg doesn't move/drags)?

There is a gait variable that you should play with. You'll find that the default function I am using will look good walking or running. You may want to decrease the amount of "bounce" in the body parts though too.

For a dragging leg, just point it at a static point behind the movement direction - i.e. don't use the counting function to animate it.

I may not have enough knowledge in trig to get any personality with this approach, at least with character animations. Another issue is I'm looking to make a 2D platformer and this seems to be geared towards a faux 3D. Still pretty cool though.

That's fair enough! You should be able to adapt it to 2D platformer though. In that instance the only facing and moving directions of the legs are going to be either 0 degrees (right) or 180 degrees (left)

Is it possible to make walking dog or a monster that has many legs like a spider with this? 

Yes it will be but you'll want to tweak the offset of the counting variable between legs so that you get the timing right.

If you want to do something like a spider, where all the knees are pointing in different directions, you'll need to apply a direction offset to the leg facing direction.